Mar 12

Soups & Salads


Garcia's Tortilla Soup
This traditional Mexican favorite is sure to please.
Sopa del Dia
Our promise is always fresh and always "Casa"-made.

All dressings are "Casa"-made - honey mustard, cayenne-buttermilk ranch,
chipotle blue cheese and our own house dressing.

Tossed Romaine Salad

Guacamole Salad
Small - 4.45 Large
Avocado salad.

Taco Salad
A giant tortilla bowl filled with our own specially seasoned ground beef
or shredded chicken, lettuce and cheese. Topped with green onions,
tomatoes, black olives and guacamole. Drizzled with sour cream.
Choose fajita-style beef or chicken for 1.00 more.

Dorita's Famous Chicken Mandarin Salad
A bed of fresh mixed greens with crispy bacon, roasted pecans
and sliced avocados. Topped with slices of perfectly grilled chicken
breast. All surrounded by a ring of fresh mandarin slices.

Garcia's Cobb Salad
A bed of fresh mixed greens with grilled chicken, sliced
avocados, tomatoes, corn and black bean relish. Topped with
your choice of our "Casa"-made dressing and fiesta chips.
Choose beer-battered shrimp for 1.00 more.

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