Mar 12

"Casa" - Made Specialties

Served with rice and beans. Sautéed vegetables or Mexican corn may be substituted upon request.

The Mexican Sampler
A delightful combination of mini flautas with guacamole, miniature
chimichangas with sour cream, one shredded beef taco, one miniature
chalupa and one "Casa"-made tamal with chile ancho sauce, all
surrounding a bowl of our unique charro beans. A great introduction!

Combination Selecta
One cheese and onion enchilada, one shredded beef enchilada,
one "Casa"-made beef taco and guacamole salad.
Your taste buds will thank you!

Chiles Rellenos
Two large fresh stuffed poblano peppers, dipped in egg batter an
lightly fried. One filled with cheese and covered with chile con que
sauce. The other filled with specially seasoned beef and covered wi
rich Spanish sauce. Both topped with sour cream. MagnIfico!

Combination Suprema
One chicken enchilada, one cheese and onion enchilada,
one beef taco, one Casa"-made tamal,
one tostada and guacamole salad.

El Zacatecas
One cheese chile relleno, one beef enchilada, one soft chicken fajita taco and a Casa"-made beef taco.
Served with guacamole, sour cream and pica de gallo. A hearty eater's delight!

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